Young Professionals


The mentorship program is to educate and develop young security professionals by providing a forum to engage and learn from security thought a mentor and peers withn the industry.

This program caters for young professionals who are looking to advance into leadership positions or enhancing their skills and knowledge. This program is a process where ASIS member (Protege) is matched with another experienced and willing to share ASIS member (Mentor) according to the skills and knowledge as protege is looking out for or keen in advancing in that particular area. 

Both mentor and protege will work together to enhance the protege personal and professional growth as well as opportunities to exchange individual point of views. This would increase the need and value the mentoring partnership.

Both the mentor and protege should:

  • Open Minded and accommodating 
  • Have a certain commitment level 
  • Respect individual differences
  • Open communication
  • Agree on the communication method  
  • Responsible for the mentorship 

Partner with us or contribute your ideas with us.